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published by Codicote Local History Society

NEW: 'Codicote Guide Book': New copies of this popular publication have been printed.

NEW:'An Illustrated Tour of Codicote', this contains 29 original drawings by local artist J V Pearce. The book sold out at the last Village Day event and is being reprinted. Cost: £4 per copy + p&p*

Contact Colin Barker (email:, tel: 01438-820001) or visit the Codicote Local History Society bookstall.

By Nicholas Maddex:
  • A Brief History of Codicote (to be reprinted), £3+p&p
  • Codicote History Trail (to be reprinted), £4+p&p
  • Beating the Bounds of Codicote: A guide to the History of the Farms, Manor Houses, and Hamlets, £3+p&p
  • Help Me Through the World: A History of Codicote's Inns, Pubs and Hotels, £2.50+p&p
  • Codicote (An Introductory Leaflet), £0.20+p&p
  • Codicote in 1590 (Souvenir Programme for Elizabethan Day held in 1990), £1+p&p
  • Codicote in 1806 (notes to accompany the 1806 map, and extracts from the schedule to it), £0.50+p&p
  • Twentieth Century Codicote: A Chronology (Souvenir Programme for an exhibition held in 1999), £0.50 + p&p

    By Michael Webley:
  • The Mediaeval Manor of Codicote, £5 + p&p
  • The Extent of Codicote, 1332 (The Abbots Survey of Codicote, translated, with a commentary), £3+p&p
  • The Black Death in Codicote (the 1349 manorial court record, translated), £1+p&p
  • Codicote in 1806 (A map of the village, redrawn from a parish map), £3+p&p
  • Codicote in 1842 (a map based on the Tithe documents), £2+p&p
  • Relics of Old Woodland and Hedgerows in Codicote, £1+p&p

    By other authors:
  • Blain Brothers: Pioneers by Iris Bristowe, £3+p&p (76pp) 
  • When We Were Boys: Codicote in the 1880s by Jim Waight, £5+p&p
  • Articles on Hertfordshire History by W. Branch Johnson, edited by Sharon Allen, £5+p&p
  • Forty Years of Wedding Fashions: The Example of Codicote 1953-92 (Based on the event “A Celebration of Weddings”, held in 1992) by Maggie Woodward and Nicholas Maddex, £0.50+p&p
  • Reflections: Memories of An Evacuee to Codicote and Welwyn in World War Two by Pauline Howes, £2.50+p&p
  • Welwyn in the 1930s and 1940s by Tony Jones, £3+p&p

    Forthcoming publications:
  • Abbots, King, and Gentry: The Owners of Late Tudor Codicote
  • “Reburied a Week Later”: The Strange Story of John Gootheridge
    (both by Nicholas Maddex)

  • The Codicote Historian (a quarterly journal: back numbers available), £0.50+p&p
  • Codicote Families (a quarterly journal: back numbers available), £0.50+p&p

(annual subscription, including p&p and corresponding membership of the society £4 or £8 for both titles)

* p&p = £3 except where indicated.

The following are by Nicholas Maddex and published by Codicote Parochial Church Council in association with Codicote Local History Society:

  • Church Guide: St. Giles, Codicote, £1+p&p
  • A Shorter Guide to St. Giles, Codicote, £0.20+p&p

    Published jointly by the Codicote Local History Society and the Hertfordshire Family and Population History Society:
  • Monumental Inscriptions of St. Giles, Codicote, £3.50+p&p
  • Militia Lists of Codicote, £3+p&p
  • Published jointly by the Codicote Local History Society and the Codicote Environmental Action Group:
  • Walks Around Codicote: detailed guidance on 11 walks by Nicholas Maddex, £2+p&p
  • Codicote Parish Map: colour map, including details of rights of way, street map, brief history, and sketches, £2+p&p
  • Published by Eric Lawrance in association with Codicote Local History Society:
  • Diary of a Village: Codicote in the 1820s and 1830s (transcribed,
    introduced and indexed by Eric Lawrance), £8+£3.50p&p

    Also available through Codicote Local History Society:
  • Shopkeepers, Tradesmen, Craftsmen & Publicans in Old Codicote, by John Warwick, £9.50+£4p&p
  • Wartime Servicemen from Codicote, by John Warwick, £7.50+£4p&p
  • Codicote Farms, by John Warwick, £7.50+£4p&p
  • Notelets showing Buckler's drawing of Codicote Church in c.1832 - set of six, £0.50+p&p
  • Cards depicting St. Giles/St. Alban stained glass windows in St. Giles Church: 4 designs, each available as Christmas Cards or blank greetings cards, £0.15 each+£1p&p per set of four
  • Parables stained glass windows greetings card (including envelope), £0.20+p&p
  • Postcards of St. Giles Church (two views), £0.15 each + p&p per pair
  • Notebooks depicting Parables stained glass windows in the porch of St. Giles Church, £0.50+p&p
  • Bookmarks depicting stained glass windows in the porch of St. Giles Church, £0.10+p&p

To order any items please contact: Colin Barker (details above) or Nicholas Maddex, “Kitshawkins”, 213, Valley Road South, Codicote, Herts. (Tel: 01438-821849). Cheques should be made payable to "Codicote Local History Society".  Details of prices and postage are correct at the time of publication.

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