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  We've got a new programme of monthly talks and other activities for 2023-24.  Check out
  the full details here.

  We've been busy adding details from times gone by to our website.  Click on the links
  below to find out more about Codicote's and Hertfordshire's past:
  1. Snippets from Hertfordshire's Past - brief overviews of our region's history
  2. Snippets from Codicote's Past - local photos and texts from the past.
  3. Hertfordshire Rights of Way - download an interactive map of all the footpaths and bridleways in Hertfordshire. Ideal with your daily exercise.
  Codicote Archaeological Digs
  Pre-Covid we dug a number of test pits in and around Codicote, and turned up some
  interesting and intriguing finds! Now we're back and will be digging once again on
  9-10 Sept 2023.
 Details will be added to the Archaeological Digs webpage.

  For more information, or if you'd like to take part in a dig (no experience needed, just
  enthusiasm!), contact Nicholas Maddex at nkmaddex@btinternet.com or on

  For details of all upcoming events, see Programme 2023-24.

Other Groups for Local and Historical Interest

Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies

Norton Community Archaeology Group

If you'd like details of your local history group or activities here,

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